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Experiencing humanity and embracing nature -- three days of leisure in Shaoxing and Zhuji

     There is a month, shining and thriving days are what she’ll offer and a heart full of enthusiasm to warm you. There is a month with sophora flowers giving out fragrance and wonderful days for you to enjoy. It is May. In such a blessed time, Rongzhou decided to arrange a three-day tour to Shaoxing and Zhuji from May 1st to 3rd to enrich staff’s sparetime life and help them to relax from work pressure.  

      First day destination was historic city ——Shaoxing. Watching lofty and huge Yungu Boulder, taking original Huafang Boat along historical Jianhu Luke, feeling Lu Town’s old style by enjoying “water village opera” to experience life in those days written in Luxu’s novels as well as appreciating the features and characteristics of Cangqiao Ancient Street which was a traditional residence community integrated with inhabitancy, commerce and travel, everyone was indulged in pleasures so much.  

     Second day destination was Zhuji, the hometown of one of the four ancient major beauties-Xi Shi. They visited Wuxie Temple and famous Wuxie Waterfall which is so peculiar and unpredictable.  

      Luxun former residence was the last day destination, reading the master work and feeling the local customs in those works in order to understand the living situation of Luxun’s life. Also we visited the East Lake which was surrounded by exotically shaped towering cliffs meandering about more than hundred meters, that nobody wouldn’t marvel at its uncanny workmanship.  

    We enjoyed the natural charm and humanistic connotations happily and relaxed. Three days tour has been finished in joyful laughter, but such a joy will never end because our company will successfully list on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) at 2:00 on May 2nd, 2017. Right now Rongzhou is like a new blank paper which would be written and painted by our own employees. Let’s make RZ spread its wings and make a miracle in the future.


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