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4.15 Mount Daqing barbecue

   In order to enhance staff’s relationship to develop great team work for company, Communist Youth League in Zhejiang Rongzhou Marine Industry Co.,Ltd organized a barbecue at Daqing Mountain on 15th April. 

Food material and certain needed things had been prepared since 14th afternoon and the next morning all staffs gathered together at 8:30 to get on the bus to destination.



After arrival, preparation work was orderly divided---tables were set and food was cleaned, cut into pieces and threaded into clean sticks. The moment charcoal in barbecue grill was lighted up, this activity started to warm up. Chef Zhang was so talented at cooking food, especially making our company’s specialty—tuna necks smell and taste so tempting. Once a plate of necks was served on the table, it was empty in a second. Colleague Li Jing also showed himself, a dish called fried beef with lettuce was well accepted by all of colleagues.

After meal, colleagues took a walk to digest or played around, like rowing a boat. Everybody had a great time.


The purpose of this activity was to let company staffs to relieve work pressure by playing happily as well as provide an opportunity for each other to communicate and realize the importance of teamwork. The cheerful laughter and self-made dishes showed a great interest among all of the staffs which meant a lot.

But through this group activity, some shortcomings have been noticed by Communist Youth League, which will help the League bring forth the new through the old ones for next year.


This activity was as wonderful as spring and the enthusiasm of our outstanding young league members was as hot as summer. If all things are orderly organized, can autumn harvest be far behind?


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